Monday, 6 December 2010

Free Download from Atomic Pollution

Atomic Pollution D.I.Y. Anarcho-Punk

Atomic Pollution is a one man anarcho-punk band 100 % D.I.Y.
So don't expect that polished, soul-sucked sound.
A.P. is anti-authority ,anti-capitalism, anti-war, anti-fascist/racist... .
Striving for a better world.
Power is poison, destroy power not people!!
I hope you enjoy my music and artwork.
(A.P. does NOT perform live)

Download links below

Atomic Pollution - "Lady Justice" - APCD001 - (2009)
Download for free - click on link

Atomic Pollution - "Anarchy and peace" (EP) - APCD002 - (2010)

Download for free - click on link

Atomic Pollution - "Bastard Polluter"-APCD003-(2010)

Download for free - click on link

Crimewave - Isle Of The Dead - Live

Thanks to Librasnake for this

Saturday, 30 October 2010

This Is The News - Free Mp3 / Video Download

Today we are giving away our first demo and the 3 videos that go with it. Included in the file is the cover and label.

1. The Government As We Know It
2. Telling Lies (now renamed as Selling Lies)
3. Three Strikes
4. I Wont Vote (original mix)
5. Isle Of The Dub
6. Telling Lies (Video Version)
7 The Government as... (Hung Parliament Version)

1 This Is The News - The Government As We Know It
2 This Is The News - Telling Lies
3 Emergency Broadcast - I Wont Vote

Get It Here

Monday, 18 October 2010

2 Track Demo

Here is a download of 2 tracks we done for
They were done in response to someone claiming to be from the band but weren't. They trolled the forum trying to cause us some grief in the process - It didnt work and these 2 tracks were our response
Track 1: You Make My Piss Boil (for the dickhead on the forum)
Track 2: Bite It You Scum (GG Allin Cover - seemed to fit at the time recorded and mixed once in 15 mins - GG style)


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Blitz Cover , The Commited, UK Subs - Updated

We have been approached to be a part of a forthcoming Blitz CD/DVD tribute release and as a result will be recording a track for this as well as one or two others - more soon.

We also have another gig at the Horse N Groom in Ramsgate, this time supporting Sheerness legends The Commited on 18th Sept - Also on the bill are Nothing To Prove from Canterbury.

Were also booked to play Margate on the 4th December with loads of other bands as part of the support to the UK Subs

UPDATE: We are also playing as a support to the UK Subs in Sheerness on 20th November at the Castle

UPDATE 2: Thanks to all who attended a superb gig on 18th. All the bands were fucking brilliant and it was Nothing To Proves first gig. Nice one boys very 82 Hardcorre

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Gig Update

We are playing at The Horse N Groom in Ramsgate on 10th July as support to Condition Dead its a free gig. We may be playing at the Bridgehouse that afternoon.
We may also be playing in Sheerness 3rd July as support to The Comitted.

Recording and demo updates soon

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

I Won't Vote T-shirt Offer

We have had a T-shirt made by the people over at Lifebuilder. If you order it over at their eBay shop you will also get a Limited CD of all 3 audio tracks from the video's and and 2 unreleased demo tracks as well as a free badge.
One buyer chosen at random before the Election will also recieve all 3 video tracks on DVD. Please note this offer is exclusive to Lifebuilder and the CD will not be available anywhere else.
Track listing for CD
1. The Government As We Know It
2. Telling Lies
3. I Won't Vote
4. Three Strikes (Demo Version)
5. The Government As We Know It (Hung Parliament Version)

Visit eBay store