Thursday, 25 March 2010

This Is The News : Bulletin One : The Government As We Know It

Crimewave Punk Rock

Crimewave are a UK based D.I.Y Punk Rock band who create videos and songs about the realities of life.
All Crimewave videos are available individually on DVD. Each DVD comes with a CD of the video version of the song, the original version of the song and if they are available different versions, mixes, remixes, demos of the song featured in the video. Printed labels (not stuck on), a printed cover in a slimline jewel case and whatever badges and other bits of information we have laying around.
For Gigs, DVD's, Badges, T-shirts etc visit Crimewave MySpace or leave us a message here.
A webshop will be available soon.

We Are Not Confined To Something You Want Us To Be